Autumn 2015
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In this issue

Questions and Answers with Jonathan Moseley

The Notice Board - Readers' Designs

Sensational Sempervivum - ‘How to’ with Jonathan Moseley

Hay Wheels - Carolynne Meer

Reviving the Ramblers - Jonathan Moseley

An Idea from the Garden - Diana Joyce

Autumn Design Recipe - Mig Kimpton

Floral Cushions - Connie Scerri

Baubles, Beads & Butterflies - Robyn Brown

City Escape - Helen Sinclair

Lines Like These - Margaret Murray

Shooting Flowers Indoors in Autumn - Clive Nichols

Rise and Fall - Ann Sinclair

Season of Plenty -Pritesh Hasmukh Shah

A Floral Cinderella - Nina Tucknott

Elemental – Surrey Area of NAFAs 2015 - Susan Andrews-Hill

Wimborne Minster Flower Festival - Anthony Oliver

My Dream Arrangement - Nina Tucknott

Last of the Summer Wine- Patricia Murphy

Chelsea Flower Show 2015 - Nina Tucknott

Cascades – A Festival of Flowers - Susan Andrews-Hill

Singapore Garden Festival - Christiane Duckworth